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About 4IncludE



The project aims to create a network of inclusive territories, with the aim of exchanging good practices related to the integration and social inclusion of foreign citizens. The network will work as a forum to share and exchange actions aimed at creating independence, active participation in the territory and empowerment of a group of residents often misrepresented and stigmatized as a negative presence. The project will highlight and try to give visibility to experiences of inclusion, citizens engagement and creation of equality. 



The project, beside highlighting and enhancing exchange of good practices, will also aim to foster exchanges between people of different countries, to reinforce mutual understanding and tolerance and to offer participants the opportunity to broaden their perspective and develop a sense of European belonging and identity, which also passes through respect for EU values such as the inclusion of minorities and equality for all. The issues addressed in the project will be the fight against racism, discrimination and hate speech, the inclusion of minorities and their rights in the frame of the European Law and practice, social enterprises and cooperatives as a means of integration, integration through physical activities and informal environments, innovation in digital and entrepreneurial skills as a potential means of inclusion, multicultural societies and multiculturalism. All these issues will be addressed during international events in the territories involved in the network of partners. Each country will host an international event, for a total of 8 events – to which foreign partners will also be invited – which will consist in the organization of a series of activities and whose focus will be on the topic chosen by the host organizations based on their skills, experiences, and the needs of the territory. 



The activities common to the various events will be: a round table open to the public and which will see the participation of experts, to discuss the issues addressed by the event and ensure that the public can also confront with stereotypes, misconceptions, good practices; a workshop in a secondary school class so that young people can deal with and learn from the issues covered by the event; a cultural visit with the aim of showing and sharing the good practices existing in the area; the administration of a survey to secondary school students before and after their participation in the activities.

Our Mission

Our Objective

4IncludE aims to create a network of inclusive territories and exchange good practices in the attempt of fighting against racism, discrimination and hate speech; inclusion of minorities through social and economic activities, innovation in digital and entrepreneurial skills and lastly creating a multicultural society.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Our Network

8 Associated Partners - 7 Countries


Dica Onlus - Italy 

M Geitonia - Cyprus  

Ftz Community - Malta 

Dimos Agia - Greece 

Siyc - Sweden  

Pasosolidarios - Spain 

K.E.A.N. - Greece 

Bribu But - Latvia 

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